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China Int'l Stone Forum 2011
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Sinuous Stone Metamorphosis
Italy Design Debut at STONETECH 2013

Italo Calvino wrote such conversation between Kublai Kan and Marco Polo in “Le Città Invisibili”__“Why do you speak to me about stones?” says Kublai Kan, “I only care about the arch”. Polo replies: “Without stones, there is no arch”. This remote dialogue clear shows how important the stone is for the industry of architecture and design of Italy.

In April 2011, the Organizer of STONETECH 2011 BEIJING invites Mr. Raffaello Galiotto, a famous designer of Italy to debut his China Show in STONETECH 2011. Mr. Raffaello Galiotto will exhibit his newest work Pietre Incise, totally 314 design products during show times. Also he will be one of Speakers in The 2nd China International Stone Design Forum, and share design concepts of update.

Mr. Raffaello Galiotto studied at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Venice. He has done great achievement in the fields of architecture, interior design and product design, and his experiments continue to appear clear, original and in many ways innovative. Mr. Raffaello Galiotto abandons “two-dimentional reductionism” which dresses itself today in the vests of contemporary minimalism, to consciously give value to the three-dimentional plastics of the material and moves wisely towards possible interpretations and configurational, connective, “moulding” variants of this rocky - monolithic and extensive, variegated and polychromatic - source of stones, marble, granite and travertine.

At first he worked for companies in the furniture industry, thus becoming highly experienced in the design of extremely popular, large, plastic products. He expanded his horizons by applying his knowledge to various other sectors, from outdoor and indoor furniture, to kitchens, to items for pets, to stone products and by so doing encountered and learnt about materials and technologies used for different types of production. In the stone sector, in particular, and with the close collaboration of firms, he creates innovative products with new types of surfaces, gaining national and international awards. Collaborates with prestigious Italian universities and holds lectures and conferences with delegations of international architects. In recent years, he projected important events of stone design and in collaboration with the CMC (Consorzio Marmisti Chiampo) conducted two important events: “Palladio e il design litico” and “I Marmi del Doge“exposed at Marmomacc Verona and now in several european cities.

Design, is the driving force behind the creation of a product, and the practice of design must meet all the functional, aesthetic and economic needs of today’s markets and it must also be the product of a sustainable process.Today’s stone cutting technologies make it possible to conjure surprising new forms from stone—this elemental material, making it perform unexpected new functions, working with hitherto undreamt of precision, yet at an affordable price. What STONETECH wants to speak to the world is, the stone industry of China not only competitive in annual quantity and international trade, but also active in stone design and practical application.

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