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China Int'l Stone Forum 2012
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Product design with natrual stone
or: what is it that stone really can?

By Peter Becker, publisher of, will show at the worldwide design forum at STONETECH 2012 successful products in stone-design from all over the world

A few years ago, there was a revelation in stone design: It was the shark fins made of marble by the Italian Marsotto Company (see photo above). These little objects, which for most of the visitors only were funny, had a practical function: they were meant to be used as doorstoppers.

The idea was in so far a quantum leap in stone design, as the designer James Irvine had placed the material and its peculiarities in the focus of his creation: doorstoppers need to be heavy, and stone is heavy.

An native material might only have been heavy metal – but made e.g. of steel the doorstoppers would have been much more expensive. Because in stone waste from the quarry could be used.

Another example for a product design orientated along the peculiarities of the material is the lamp „Arco”, created by the Italian Achille Castiglioni in 1962 (see below).

The designer had even found a solution to move that object with its foot of nearly 50 kg: the hole through the stone is meant to put a broomstick through...

For whole ideas of Mr. Peter Becker, please tune into STONETECH 2012 SHANGHAI and China Int''l Stone Forum 2012.

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