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China Marble White Paper Will Start at STONETECH 2013
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       As the continue rising of Chinese people’s living standard, the luxury decoration material, stone, is becoming an important choice for people’s house decoration. The character of natural and luxury is unique reason for choosing stone. However, as lack of industry technical standard and the one-sided report by media, most consumers still have question about the radiation of stone. Stone, as a kind of house decoration material,  does it have radiation? Will it do bad effect to people’s health? The publication of China Marble White Paper will delete all these doubt.

       It is reported that China Marble White Paper, drafted by experts from the Ministry of Construction of People’s Republic of China will start at STONETECH 2013 (Apr 18th-21st, Beijing. China International Exhibition Center). The White Paper will set unite and scientific standard for stone’s production.

       The publication of China Marble White Paper has great importance for domestic stone corporations. Currently, bricks are the main material for Chinese people’s house decoration. Many consumers desert stone as decoration material for radiation worry. In the future, stone as house decoration material will have standard to look up. The White Paper will help all the stone producers explore house decoration market, and change the status of bricks taking most of the market share.

       CCPIT and China Stone Association, the two important organizations are the organizers of STONETECH 2013. They will offer chain service from stone standard, monitor and technical consulting to all the stone corporations to keep healthy and sustainable development.

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