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Bricks VS Stone, which wins?
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        The annual output of domestic brick is 10 billion, and the annual output of stone is only 500 million, the gap is 20 times. Stone is luxury and upgrading decoration material, the reason why bricks are used for most house decoration is our lack of marketing, said by Mr Zou Chuansheng, president of China Stone Material on 26th Dec, 2012, at the Beijing Stone Corporation Meeting.

       Brick sellers can provide integrated solution by computer design; consumers can feel many different integrated decoration styles. Then brick producers will offer chain service to the consumer, from purchase to decoration. This service line not only let the consumers see the decoration result in advance, but also raise the value of bricks, and explore the use space of bricks. Stone producers need to learn this experience to compete with brick producers.

       The ended consumption is the main business for nearly all the stone producers based in Beijing. But they are still focus on public construction. For private decoration, the consumers are the same, why stone and bricks face different situation? The reason is most consumers don’t know how to choose stone, why they can’t choose stone like the way choosing bricks? More and more stone producers are thinking about this question.

       Dongfang Yutang is now solving this problem. They make stone be different size. Dongfang Yutang will have a big booth at STONETECH 2013, to show their latest products and will bring fierce competition with bricks. Stone producers need to learn the marketing experience from brick producers. If we can overcome marketing drawbacks, stone products will have great market potential soon.

        Mr Li Shaowen, General Manager of Xilian Stone Market, said that Wanfeng Stone is building experience project at Xilian Stone Market now. Consumers can feel the decoration result directly there, not only big board. Looking at the beautiful stone, it is different to imagine house decoration. Introducing Wanfeng Experience Project, the manager of Xilian wants to introduce marketing idea of bricks to stone producers.

      Facing with the same consumers, we hope stone producers can win the game finally.

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