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Graceful Hui’an Stone Carving
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The first Hui’an International Carving Art Fair opened on Nov 9, 2012, at Hui’an, stone, wood and jade carvings are the main products on show.
Hui’an carving has a good reputation at carving industry, especially the garden carving. Many antique pillars, decorated archway based at many cultural cities are produced by Hui’an persons. Experiencing many years development, many corporations are well-know at carving industry, like Leiyi Carving, Gongrong Carving, Haoxiang Group, etc.

Mr Ren Huichuan, the Chief Manager of Huian Fair said that Hui’an carving is famous worldwide, Huian carving fair must have its own character, to better serve the carving companies. The local government give great support to Hui’an carving fair, and now is helping the local carving companies to explore the north market. When he heard news about STONETECH 2013, he showed great interest in this fair, and promised will organize special promotion project to help Hui’an carving brand known at Beijing.

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