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Ceramics & Stones
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At the main entrance of W1 zone of STONETECH, an enterprise booth in luxury decoration attracted attention from many visitors. Above its display stand a clear corporate identity reads: Guangdong BODE Fine Building Material Co., Ltd.

BODE is the first ceramic company joining in stone material exhibition as exhibitor. However, the annual number of ceramic visitors to stone display has been rising; for example, established ceramic companies like Nobel, Dongpeng, OSS in China and System from Italy came to STONETECH as visitors. System is a world name of the ceramic machinery manufacturing industry; they have been following the development of stone material for long. A manager of its purchasing department ordered a number of stone slabs at exhibition spot to lay a foundation for the production of machineries for ceramic-made stone products. 

Ceramics and stones share similar groups of buyers and a common end consumer market, which lead to fierce competition. From the “radiation” view several years ago to the successful distribution model of ceramic companies and the high-end product focus of stone enterprises, rivalry between the two make people asking: ceramics and stones, brothers or enemy? 

No matter which answer is, stones can outshine their ceramic counterparts by rarity and uniqueness.  

Natural stone materials are superlative art crafts of the Mother Nature through countless years’ carving. The unique texture characterizing each piece of stone always attract ceramic enterprises to copy. Many of them successfully pinpointed market demand and developed highly-favored ceramic tiles copying stone’s texture. BODE is such one company.   

When asked about why came to STONETECH, Mr. Li with BODE said the exhibition provides an access to new clients, especially those from real estate sector. He also said BODE has entered agreements with many famous domestic developers such as Zhonghai, Jindi and Fuli, hoping to make a difference in the property decoration market. 

Apart from competition, mutual learning means more for the two industries. Stone’s natural texture and the successful distribution of ceramics can create new opportunities for each other. Ceramics, as an native of stone products which face limited natural reserve can play a bigger role just as what stone does. Chinese stone and ceramic industries can join their hands to achieve stronger future in the world construction material field.  

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