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Design in Low Carbon Era
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STONETECH 2010 kicked off on April 6, 2010 at Shanghai New International Expo Center. During the same time, China International Stone Summit was held under the theme of “Stone & design” to discuss how to improve the added value of stone products by leveraging their low carbon and long duration qualities so as to pave the way for the cooperation between stone enterprise, architects and designers, facilitating the application of more stone products developed with high-tech in the high-grade construction projects. 
Participants of this summit include Mr. Huang Xiaoshi, a leading figure of Taiwan’s design industry and chief editor of Contemporary Design; Mr. Gao Chaoyi, chief designer of Gold Mantis (a Suzhou-based architecture decoration company); Mr. Gao Zhiqiang, chief design executive of China Architecture Design & Research Group; Mrs. Yang Zeliang, deputy general manager of the Shanghai branch of Xishi Group.
It is known that by the end of 2009, Shanghai is still China’s hottest market for stone consumption. Orders nationwide for shanghai’s stone products rebounded significantly. Most stone plants in Shanghai, represented by Taxing, Huizhong and Guoyu, had adequate production load. What is different from the past is that while keeping eyes on domestic business, Shanghai enterprises with stone slab wholesale and projects as their main business are also actively expanding overseas markets by participating more overseas exhibitions. Thanks to their consistent high quality performance, stone companies from Shanghai will become new choice for foreign buyers. 

At the summit, Mr. Gao Zhiqiang said, as a durable, low-carbon high-grade decoration material, stone can lead consumption trend, adding beauty to environment and creating harmonious human space by combinations of colors, shapes and lines. Its production doesn’t need burning in kilns, instead, only cold processing harmless to environment is required. Energy consumption of stone processing is less than 1/10 of the average for construction materials, therefore widely considered as a low-carbon material contributing to pollution reduction by experts. In addition, experts who spoke at this conference shared some classic cases with participants and held a vibrant Q&A which became the conference’s highlight.


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