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New Stone Products Expected in China
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The past 2011 is an unstable year for the world economy, and stone industry also could not escape the tsunami. From the second half of 2011, stone import, stone export, and also domestic consumption obviously slowed down development speed in China. Mr. Zou Chuansheng, president of China Stone Materials Association figured out the new direction for stone industry in 2012. He repeatedly stressed that, the current exterior and interior situation were challenging, and it should be a must to strengthen the cooperation with architecture design and improve design element and practical use, and try more in home decoration market.
Why repeatedly figure out the importance of design? And how big the market is for designed stone products? An OECD-study found out that the worldwide middle class is rapidly growing: from 1.8 billion people in 2010 it will rise to 3.2 billion ten years later and to 4.9 billion in 2030. Please note: in 20 years, there will be almost 5 billion people who prefer to spend more money on travelling, and a beautiful interior decoration for their houses and apartments! In house decoration, they prefer to high-grade but natural materials, which could be much more easily framed / presented their unique taste and characteristics. Stone is absolutely a favorable choice.
Natural and non-renewable, those two properties make stone outstanding and favorable in architecture design and interior decoration. STONETECH 2012, which will held on April 25-28 in Shanghai, the Asia-Pacific and ever the world architecture design hub, is the first and foremost platform in strengthening dialogue and cooperation between cold stone and magic design.
The 3rd China International Stone Design Summit will be held concurrently. Compared with great success of last year, it will present more power in conference numbers, subjects, angles, and speakers. Well-known architecture designers and interior designers from Italy, Japan, Germany, Hong Kong and China will deliver subject speech, and share new experience and ideas in stone work.

Meanwhile, there will be a series of activities for new stone materials recommendation. Denchi Stone will recommend Otta and Oppdal, from the mountains in Scandinavia, which are both considered to be hard wearing material and have always stood for quality. Those make them very suitable for both interior and exterior use. Those materials are preferred by many well-know architects and designers who are choosing these stones as the materials for projects spread across more than 20 countries in the world. Cartier has used them in 50 of their stores and they are also installed in the Louvre art gallery in Paris.

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