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Stone Export Downturn
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Influenced by the European economic downturn and Middle East political upheaval, more instability appeared in stone trade recently. According to the statics, big fluctuation in stone export and import in the first three quarters, and stone export has reached historically low level, negative growth happened in Q2 & Q3. Statistics please see below:

Year 2012
Quarter I
Quarter II
Quarter III

Faced with the downturn international situation and export market, domestic export orientations enterprises need to change operate idea, exploring new market eagerly. Compared with the weak of international need, domestic market is much bigger. According to statistic over the year, domestic stone use takes up nearly 90% in the total use. Great stone need exists in cities like Beijing, Shanghai as well as around area, from city building, project building and house decoration. It is reported that in the next two years, only in Beijing there will be more than 200 projects with total investment of 1,047 billion(RMB). Added with development of Bohai Costal Region and north-eastern rust belt, the expansion of north stone market will have more force.

The organizer of STONETECH 2013 will invite Beijing Engineering Material Purchasing Association, Tianjin Municipal Construction Committee and many other unites in charge of construction to take the hands of Beijing subway construction management company, China Mobile, China Telecom etc, to see the great stone needs at STONETECH 2013, introduced by market manager from STONETECH 2013.

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