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Shanshan Stone Park 3.3 Billion Yuan
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Keywords: Xinjiang, Shanshan County, Stone Industry Park, No.1 Blocks Trade Market

It’s reported that before the end of November 2011, the Shanshan Stone Industry Park of Xinjiang earned 3,287,000,000 RMB, 68% increase than last year. Stone companies account for 688,480,000 RMB, and stone related companies account for 259,897,000,000 RMB.

Whenever we talk about stone industry park, it always means stone mining and stone processing. But in Shanshan, the stone industry park does not focus on mining and processing only, but also stone related industries, such as maintenance, logistics, and etc.

Currently there are two big areas in Shanshan Stone Industry Park, one is stone mining and processing area, and the other is minerals production and processing area. In the stone mining and processing area, there are 68 stone processing companies, 8 mining companies, and 10 stone related services companies. What’s more, the No.1 Xinjiang Stone Blocks Trade Market is located there.

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