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New Beijing Subway Plan Approved
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Recently, New Beijing Subway Plan (2007-2016) was approved by National Development and Reform Committee. The Plan indicated that Beijing Subway will increase 89km and the total investment will be 70.7 billion.

Undoubtedly, it is big news to all the stone corporations. As we all know, it will introduce big use of stone at subway building, from hall, platform to accessible location. The approval of the New Beijing Subway Plan will offer a new opportunity to stone corporations.

The stone authority said at the China Stone Industry Transformation and Updating Summit 2012, as the world dragged down by Europe, the speed of China stone export is keeping lowered down. As indicated by statistics, China stone export only takes up 10% for the total stone consumption. The main stone consumption is still in China. Stone producers, especially those that focus on export must hurry up its transformation.

The adjustment of Beijing Subway Plan also shows great need in stone, especially high quality stone.

Based at Beijing, the biggest stone consumption city in China, SONTETECH 2013 will open on Apr 18-21, China International Exhibition Center. STONETECH 2013 will invite engineering construction corporations to visit the fair to choose stone, and it should be the best opportunity for stone corporations promoting products at Beijing. More information about STONETECH please visit; call at 010-5781 1661.

PS. Beijing New Subway Project
1.Line 8 (Phase Three): Length: 16km, Investment: 14.4 billion
2.Line 16: Length: 36km, Investment: 36.6 billion
3.New Airport Express: Length: 37km, Investment: 19.7 billion

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