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Visitor Invitation Started
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Recently we received many calls, mostly from Fujian Province, asking situation about the stone market in the north part of China. Currently the stone industry is experiencing depression and many stone factories are under production, so many corporations turn to focus on the northern market, to look for new markets and projects to make up the lack of stone trade. Actually, the north market takes up most stone use in China, holding both the south and north market should be the key point for the current stone business.

Annual stone exhibition -----STONETECH 2013 will open on 18th-21th, 2013, at China International Exhibition Center, Beijing. Catching with the concept of Stone+Design, deducing the image of Beijing –the terminal consumption city, the organizer will invite famous stone producers to give speech to design institutions, introducing their stone products, from variety, characteristic, application to projects. And they are what designers would like to know.
In order to better serve STONETECH 2013, the organizer is starting buyers match work already. Directional calls are made to stone professionals. More info about STONETECH 2013 please visit:; call us at: 8610 57811662 to make pre registration. You can go through the VIP pass at STONETECH 2013 and get one copy of our catalogue freely!

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