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STONETECH 2012 Covers Yangtze River Delta
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In December 2011, the Organizer of STONETECH 2012 CCPIT Building Materials Sub-Council sent a special team to visit stone markets and processing bases in Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, namely the famous Yangtze River Delta. STONETECH 2012 and the team received warm welcome from both stone markets and centers, and accommodated stone companies.
The STONETECH team investigated Shanghai, Hangzhou, Jiaxing, Nanjing, Wenzhou, totally 13 large-scaled stone markets and processing centers. The tour nearly covers the  whole Yangtze River Delta. Managers of stone markets and processing centers that the team visited, expressed high passion for cooperation for the upcoming STONETECH 2012. They are deeply aware that, STONETECH Shanghai is not only a place for stone companies to promote, but also a platform for stone markets, especially those who would like to show the world a booming market that develops fast and with opportunities most.
During the investigation, lots of companies present big desire to learn more about STONETECH 2012 Shanghai. And many of them booked booths on-site. As the fast development of city construction, stone demand is climbing all the time. As the most active engine of Chinese economy, Shanghai and other cities of Yangtze River Delta peak the most in stone demand. Most new booming companies regard STONETECH as their first choice to promote and cooperate.
What’s special, the 19# Stone Luxury Hall, as the first stone market developing on stone design and high-end market, which was opened in August 2011 by Shanghai Donghua Global Enterprise, arrived to an accord with STONETECH on designers’ salon, stone materials recommendation, project building, and high-end marketing. A well-organized pavilion will be presented in STONETECH 2012 Shanghai by Donghua.

From the Yangtze River Delta investigation, STONETECH organizer feels more confidence, and meanwhile more responsibilities, from the high expectation of local companies and processing centers. Undoubtedly, STONETECH 2012 is the best platform for companies to seize new market!

STONETECH 2012 team with Shanghai XinBang Stone Base

Shanghai Donghua Global Building Materials Market

19# Stone Luxury Hall 

Jiaxing Yangtze River Delta Stone Market

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