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What is the BIP

STONETECH invites stone people to attend this big event once a year since 1993 when stone had not been a real industry in China, who however, is the world’s stone center nowadays. STONETECH’s exhibitors from around the world are anticipating not only the growth of the exhibition, but a continuous increase in the number of its high-quality trade visitors.

STONETECH will be planning for an ever-increasing budget for attracting quality trade visitors from inside and outside China. And this plan is called the ‘STONETECH Buyers Incentive Plan’ (STONETECH BIP for short).

How to Apply and Be Supported?

It’s easy to do the application and get supported. Follow our instruction below and plan for your travel to China!

Step 1. Email or fax the completed ‘STONETECH BIP Support Application’ to STONETECH along with other requested documents; (‘Application’ attached in the appendixes)
Step 2. Receive and file the ‘Confirmation Letter’ from STONETECH if you are qualified to be supported;
Step 3. Receive and file the ‘Hotel Check-in Coupon (Day 1)’  ;
Step 4. Check in one of the appointed hotel(s) on the day of arrival by showing the ‘Hotel Check-in Coupon (Day 1)’
Step 5. Register at the ‘STONETECH BIP Onsite Office’ at the exhibition and collect the ‘Hotel Check-in Coupon (Day 2)’ by showing the following documents:
 Confirmation Letter
 Your passport
Step 6. Check in the appointed hotel(s) with the ‘Hotel Check-in Coupon (Day 2)’;
Step 7. Enjoy your stay!

What are the Rules and Regulations?
1. The Applicant must be new to STONETECH, meaning that it must be the first time for the applicant to visit STONETECH;
2. The Applicant must be from outside Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau;
3. The Applicant must be working in the fields of trading, real estate, architectural designing, wholesale & retail, stone processing and others to be approved by STONETECH;
4. The Applicant must be over 18 years old;
5. Checker-in must be consistent to the applicant, or he/she can’t check in at the hotel;
6. STONETECH reserves the right for interpretation of the whole ‘Buyers Incentive Plan’.

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